Friday, 29 March 2013


Hello!Here are a few photo's I took yesterday at The Eden Project.It was a fantastic day and the weather was lovely(considering I spent most of it in the Rainforest biome at 31.7 degrees,yes you could say the weather was lovely.)

Random fact I found out at Eden:Vanilla plants/flowers only open up once in their lifetime!You may take that fact and savour it friends.
This was the Look-out and as you can see, you could see through the floor and down onto the canopy of Rainforest.Before we went up, one of the Eden workers warned us that as you go up higher the humidity increases which can make you angry and grumpy. At this moment I was picturing some rabid middle-aged man morphing into a gorilla and throwing people of the sides because the Ice-cream shop had shut.

The reality didn't quite match my imagination.And we were all fine.

For Easter

This was a sculpture made out of man-made objects -t.v's,washing machines etc.
My interpretation of this piece was that the towering and dominant image of the scary skeleton represented the dominance of technology on our world ,today.
Deep.I know.
To make the image seem more empowering I took the picture so that the image was silhouetted by the sun behind it.

I suggest take a trip to Eden!

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