Sunday, 15 March 2015


Colour pencil - Watercolour - Gummed paper 

For this piece I tried to use a limited palette for each one. I understand that some of these hand gestures have religious connotations ,however, this was something I wasn't trying to convey. I was simply messing around with different hand positions. This was the first time that I had used Gummed watercolour paper and it really does make a difference. The colours were so much more vibrant and easier to move around the paper. V. Expensive though!

I used my usual scratchy drawing style with the pencils to show the form of the hand covering it in watercolour to show a general shape.


Sophie S 

Monday, 29 September 2014



This is one of my first bigger pieces I have done for my A2 Art project, following the idea of transition. One of the aspects I wanted to look at within this was the dramatic contrasts between light and dark in a portrait.

I used charcoal and chalk on brown paper to produce this using abstract, scribbley mark-making rather than creating realistic forms of the face. I just don't do realistic.