Saturday, 16 March 2013

A New Project..

I have started a New project now in which I've moved away from my Mixed Media theme and onto more realistic/oil based compositions.The 10 week project(bit of a stress) had to be based around the word 
My interpretation of this is 'To compare the power of emotion with the force of the Natural World'.
To create this theme I am using a similar technique to that of Francis Picabia ,were I can layer almost a transparent image over a landscape.

Here is some Project work-
This is a copy I did of a Acrylic painting by Chris Hooper.I instead painted  a majority of it using Oils,as it gave me more time for blending and mark-making.
This is a drawing of my friend who kindly let me take numerous photo's of her pulling some very dramatic facial expressions.

I know she'll read this so,Thank you chum!;)

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