Monday, 9 September 2013

'A Philosophical Moment'

Is Life about living that '9 to 5 job'everyday?

A big fear of mine,bewildered at the big wide world of Adults and jobs and more Adults and jobs,is to end up working in an Office.To be trapped within white walls and earn enough to 'survive'.By 'survive' I mean earn enough money to pay for dinner,go to bed,get up and go to work.I think the main point to this fear is the fear of not achieving,not to be content or happy with life.To me,I believe that this is when people forget the bigger picture,the question


However,I agree that some people are content with this way of life.In some ways I agree with that,we could all be in far worst situations like,poverty,War or suffering in the Syrian Crisis.But I believe we are all subject to look at our lives through a small 'non-literal' window.

'Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window,after all!'-Nick Carraway,The Great Gatsby

What is the aim of the day?Hour?Minute?Is all I need to do, is sit on the sofa and eat my way to happiness?

Before I finished School,a teacher put life in a nutshell.
'You grow up,get a job,marry,have kids,retire and Die!'
I suppose in all honestly 'that' is it.No optimism.No aspiration and No positivity. However I do think he was missing out the important bits of adventure in between or the possibility of never doing any of these things.For example-we could all just find our ways to Neverland and live forever young.*

*Sad as it may seem,highly unlikely.

Are we all blinded by Societies expectations?The common definition of Achievement?Good grades,Good University,Good job.

'So...Are we all really living?'

Well,hopefully we're all breathing(but I've never been great at Biology).Hopefully we all have a life aim.Hopefully we're all happy.To me life is about living on the edge,backpacking to a foreign country and living on £1 a day.Why should you live your life thinking realistically, narrow your exceptions or except that your circumstances or background fault any sort of aspiration or dream you may have. To me life is about nothing holding you back,to have nothing stopping you and to do everything you've ever wanted to do.

I have a dream...

Oops,that lines already been taken.

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