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How to make your own FLOWER CROWN:The cheaper version

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Flower Crowns

My inspiration to this piece came from my love of the Pixie Lott Flower crown range from the website 'Rock'n'Roses'.However though these are beautiful,they are very pricey,so I tried to find a cheaper alternative.

As I am quite the technological user of the Internet (I wish)I am a fan of a You-tuber called 'Helen Melonlady'.On her Channel she has posted a video as to 'How to make a Flower Garland'.So I suppose most of the credit should go to Helen.

Here is a Step-by-step tutorial as to how to create your own:

*This home-made crown in total cost £7.45 and the Alice band and bouquet flowers are form 'Hobby-craft'

For my Crown I have chosen two soft pastel colours;yellow and pink.I  like the look of bigger flowers as it makes the crown look more filled.However,if you want a more casual look perhaps some smaller flowers and leaves would do the job.

Before attaching the flowers put the Alice band on your head first,so you can decide how far you want the flowers around your head.

Press the flower firmly against the Alice-band.Wrap the stem as tightly as possible around the band.Do this twice .

Cut the stem as close to the band as possible,holding the band away,in case of flying wire trimmings.

Pack the flowers tightly against eachother.

And there's your finished product!Great for the Summer and so easy to wear :)

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