Sunday, 9 December 2012

That Persistent Boy!

Okay,I think this picture may need a little explaining seeing as the name written' Josh' may lead you to the conclusion that I become extremely bored and doodle about that person I've like for ages.

Well, that is not the reason.

Now,here's the story.There is this boy a couple of years younger than me surprisingly called 'Josh'.I know,genius isn't it!Who,nearly everyday steals my Art coursework from me just so he can look at 'That cool drawing you did in that special pen'doodle.Anyway,becoming completely fascinated with the drawing,he asks me to draw one for him.So,I put 'special pen' to paper and think for a couple of seconds and become completely stuck.
'Draw my name'he says.

So,I do and after about 2 weeks I finally sat down and concentrated on this one bit of paper using of course that 'special pen' and here is the result.

And thank goodness he did persist, otherwise this blog would still be looking very plain!

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